Joining a Team

Teams make it easy to collaborate on projects by letting you specify a group of team members.

Creating a Team

You can create a new team from your home page by clicking on New Team and by following the prompt to fill out the team details. Once the team is created, you are now ready to add members to your team. Note that only users that have already signed up for Engine ML can be added as part of a team.

Adding Team Members

Once your team is created, navigate to the team by clicking on it on your home page. Note that teams get their own unique URLs in the form of /<team-name> and can be navigated to directly.

Once on the teams page, navigate to the People tab and click on Add Member. Select the user you would like to add to the team. It is recommended that there is at least one member with the role Admin so that the team can be properly managed. The team is now set up and all members now have full access to the team's projects (see projects).