Creating a Project

Below you will walk through how to create a project. You can check out ready-to-run example projects on our GitHub Repo.

Creating a Project

Navigate via the Engine ML website to the team you want to add the project to (see teams). Note that any member of your team will have the ability to collaborate with you on the project. Click on New Project on the top right and follow the prompt as needed. Once the project is created, click on the newly created project on the Overview tab to view it's details.

Joining a Project

You can join an existing project by cloning it with git clone See the Getting Started dialog on your project's details page. Please ensure that you have added an ssh key before attempting to clone a project.

Configuring Your Run

Engine ML uses a configuration file to determine how and where to run your code. Configuration files are defined in yaml and have different specifications depending on where the code is executed.

You can generate a fresh run configuration file with engine config team/project.

# The engine yaml api version
apiVersion: "3.0.0"
# The identifier for this repository
repository: team/project
# The command to run
command: python -c "print('Hello World')"