Logging In

Get an API Token

Log into Engine ML with engine login. You will need your API key which can be generated and copied from your account's settings page.

Copy your API key and issue the following command to log in:

$ engine login 'API_KEY'
Welcome user@mycompany.com!

The login script stores configuration information and your secret authentication token in ~/.engine/config.yaml.


Any user with this file will have programmatic access to your account!

If you have not registered a public ssh key with Engine ML, you will be prompted to add one during the login process. See SSH Authentication for more information.

$ engine login 'API_KEY'
Welcome user@mycompany.com!
There are no ssh keys are associated with your user. Would you like to add "~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub"? [Y/n]: y
Successfully added key: ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
The following entry should be prepended to your ~/.ssh/config:
Host *.app.engineml.com.com
IdentityFile "$HOME"/.ssh/id_rsa

SSH Authentication

Engine ML uses git and rsync to track your code, experiment configuration, and model files. git and rsync use public-key authentication to verify access. Engine ML needs a copy of your public key to enable these features. If you do not have an ssh public key, then you must generate one.

If you did not add an ssh key during the login process above, you can add your public key on your settings page or by issuing engine add-ssh-key PATH_TO_KEY on your terminal.