Installing the CLI and Library

Getting the Packages

The CLI and Python library are hosted in a PyPi. You can download both packages from this repository using pip.

The engineml-cli and engineml packages supports Python >=2.6 and Python >=3.5.


The engineml-cli package requires a handful of external binaries which you may already have installed:

  • git for tracking code
  • rsync for syncing files

Both of these packages can be obtained from your system's package manager (e.g. apt, homebrew, or macports).


We recommend that you use a virtual environment or conda environment when installing the Engine ML pip packages. Doing so resolves many common issues when getting started with Engine ML.


$ pip install --upgrade -i engineml-cli
$ pip install --upgrade -i engineml

After installing the package, you can interact with Engine ML on your terminal with engine. All engine commands have a --help flag that will list their options and any subcommands.

Setting up Autocomplete

The engineml-cli package has built-in shell autocomplete, but it must be explicitly enabled. Autocomplete is currently only supported by bash and zsh.

$ engine autocomplete > ~/.engine/autocomplete
$ echo "source ~/.engine/autocomplete" >> ~/.bashrc

See engine autocomplete for more details.